“catalyzing innovative life sciences discoveries for society”

The Innovation Initiative of the School of Life Sciences at EPFL  

A Stepping Stone to Closing the Expertise & Funding Gap for early Translational and Applicable Life Sciences Projects at EPFL


About Catalyze4life

Mission: to build a hands on, Innovation and Applicable Research Incubator, supporting high potential early Technologies and Innovation Projects, in the field of Life Sciences, in their path towards Applications, Technology Transfer and Product Development

Vision: With sole focus serving the welfare of the society, establish a long term sustainable vehicle, acting as a hub, comprising adequate resources and expertise, to facilitating the advancement of EPFL Life Sciences technologies

Objective: Advance Life Sciences Applicable and Innovative Projects, in a transparent, comprehensive and inclusive, for scientists, manner, based on excellence research

Catalyze4Life is the Life Sciences School innovation encouragement program, operating in close proximity with scientists, and acting upstream and in support of the missions of EPFL's Vice-Presidency for Innovation, and the Technology Transfer Office (TTO)